New Employee Departmental Orientation


We recommend you print this list and check off each item as it is completed. Expand and tailor this list to suit your departmental orientation needs. Decide what information needs to be covered Day 1, Week 1, and Month 1. Do not overload the new employee by covering too much on Day 1.

The following should be completed prior to new employee's arrival.

empty Designate work area.

empty Assign a phone number.

empty Arrange for office supplies.

empty Prepare required paperwork.

empty Keep your schedule free to meet with new employee.

empty Schedule an HR orientation, if available, on your campus.

empty Plan a "welcome" get together with other staff.

empty Prepare the first job assignment(s).

empty Arrange for a mentor or buddy to work with new employee.

empty Display name at work station (even if only construction paper).

empty Give clear directions for getting to and parking at the department.

Administrative Information

empty Keys

empty Application (if not completed prior to hire)

empty I-9 and E-Verify - initiated and completed on time

empty Tax forms

empty PAF (Personnel Action Form)

empty Personal data form

empty Evaluation Period

Office Information and Customs

empty Work area (and guidelines concerning decoration)

empty Introduction to co-workers

empty Parking

empty Dress

empty Mail

empty Telephone procedures

empty Operation of equipment (e-mail, fax, copier, etc.)

empty Staff ID card

empty "Call-in" procedure (for absences)

empty Support/reception area

empty Staff meetings

empty Customer service philosophy

empty Account numbers

empty Office safety/security issues

empty Emergency Action Plan for building

empty Employee's need for evacuation assistance

empty Organizational publications

empty Sports teams and celebrations

Job Specific Information

empty Departmental goals

empty Job description (duties, responsibilities, performance standards)

empty Organizational chart

empty Hours/work schedule/ breaks/overtime/flextime

empty Pay rate (pay days/time sheets)

empty Job procedure manuals

empty Confidentiality practices

empty Office supplies (and how to obtain)

Office Tour

empty Limited introductions

empty Restrooms

empty Vending machines

empty Employee entrances

empty Locations of nearby departments

empty Bulletin boards and other sources of information

empty Break room

empty Stairs

empty Elevators

empty Fire exits

empty Conference area(s)

empty Restricted area(s)

empty Files

empty Storage


New Employee Departmental Orientation

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Objectives
  3. 3. Checklist