Performance Management

Performance Management is literally the managing of performance of your staff. It starts with the listing of the position when you identify the needed skills and behaviors for success in the position and continues into the interview when you use your interviewing skills to find the best match for the position. It is a continuous process that includes training and development, coaching, encouraging, correcting, and recognizing a job well done.

An important piece of performance management is the performance appraisal process. This process is important to the employee as it identifies and clarifies the performance expectations and provides feedback on actual performance. It provides the needed communication about the main duties of the job, the priorities of the duties, and the standards of performance that are expected. And, it allows for a two-way dialogue between the supervisor and employee about job performance.

The steps of a good performance appraisal system include:

Check the online tutorial.

Supervisors of support staff should see HR Policy HR-08-70, Performance Appraisal.

Supervisors of professional staff and employees not covered by a Union should see HR Policy HR-08-90, Performance Management Program for Staff Employees Not Covered by a Union.

Supervisors of service maintenance staff should consider performance management a good management practice. Contact your department management to discuss such a program within your unit.

Training classes are available each semester from IU Human Resources. Please check the Employee and Organization Development Guide or our Web page for dates and times. Departmental consulting on performance management is also available. Contact Deb Dunbar at 812-855-4104 to schedule a meeting.