Walking and Working Surfaces

General Requirements
All walking and working surfaces in the workplace must be kept clean, and free of debris to ensure employees can safely move about the work area. Wherever possible, walking surfaces must be kept dry. Walking and working surfaces must be free of protrusions, such as nails, splinters and loose boards

Aisles and passageways must provide sufficient clearance for employees and equipment to move safely. Aisles and passageways cannot be obstructed.

Covers or guardrails must be provided to protect personnel from hazards of open pits, tanks, etc.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.22

Keys to compliance for Supervisors

Frequently asked Questions

Q. How “clean” is “clean”
A. The areas should be orderly. Walkways and aisle ways should not be used for storage of equipment or materials. Per NFPA, internal aisle ways must be a minimum of 24” wide, and aisle ways that function as exits must be at least 36 inches wide. Exit ways must be totally free of flammable materials, furniture or other obstructions.

Q. Are there specific requirements for installation of guard rails?
A. Contact EHS for further information.

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