Excellence Training Certification for Support Staff (ETC) 2017 – 2018

HR Training & Organization Development will begin the thirty-first year of the ETC Program in September 2017.

What is ETC?
ETC is an 8-month training program designed especially for you, the Support Staff of Indiana University. It is beneficial for new and veteran employees who wish to improve performance and to develop themselves personally and professionally. Organization Development considers it a compliment to the program that employers from a variety of departments often request to know if a job candidate has completed ETC. ETC is an excellent opportunity to network with other Support Staff from the University who share common challenges. Your combined experiences provide a wealth of information for one another.


What topics are covered in the ETC Program?
There are approximately two Tuesday morning seminars each month. These seminars cover a variety of topics critical to the role of the Support Staff at Indiana University. Topics include:

  • Managing multiple priorities
  • Career planning and development
  • Demonstrating professionalism, building relationships
  • Effective communication skills
  • Communicating across generations
  • Managing stress, conflict, and change
  • Delivering great customer service

How do I get an application for the ETC Program?
The application form that is available here. Call or email Wendy Cornwell () at 812-855-9674 with any questions.

Note to ETC graduates:
Please recommend the program to your co-workers! You can promote the program most effectively because you have had the experience and can share with others the value of ETC.

Thank You!