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Temporary Positions (formerly known as Hourly Positions)
Temporary 1.1

Effective: July 1, 2013
Last Updated: July 11, 2013

Responsible University Office: University Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: University Human Resources

This policy has moved to the University Policies web site.


This policy applies to all Temporary positions (formerly Hourly) in all associated employee categories at Indiana University, including the following and any other Temporary category established:

Temporary positions are generally considered for temporary part-time work; with pay through the University’s biweekly payroll. (Units with a full-time work need should consider establishing an Academic or Staff position, with review and approval of department and RC heads.)

Policy Statement

  1. Employees in a Temporary position are considered part-time and departments are to limit the number of hours worked:
    1. Through September 28, 2013 (the end of a biweekly pay period), the number of hours worked per pay period are not specifically limited.
    2. Effective September 29, 2013, the number of hours worked shall be no more than 116 hours over two consecutive biweekly pay periods (4 weeks), including regular and overtime hours, across all jobs and units.
      1. To avoid exceeding the above “116 hour limit,” units may want to set a limit of 58 hours in a bi-weekly pay period, with any excess hours adjusted in the following biweekly pay period. Example: For a Temporary employee who works 80 hours during a bi-weekly pay period, then he/she is limited to working no more than 36 hours during the following bi-weekly pay period.
      2. Alternative for summer employment: A Temporary employee may be employed during the summer for up to 40 hours per week and up to six consecutive bi-weekly pay periods (12 weeks), if all of the following conditions are applied:
        1. The Temporary employee will be separated from the University at the end of the “six bi-weekly pay periods worked” and will not work in any other part-time position for the following six consecutive bi-weekly pay periods (12 weeks), including part-time Academic, Staff, and Temporary positions or will be immediately transferred to a full-time Staff or Academic position.
        2. Specific approval for this alternative is obtained from the University Human Resource office, which will track and monitor the employment of these employees.
  2. Employees in any Temporary position, except Temporary with Retirement (HP), are not permitted to work more than 999 hours during a calendar year, including all regular and overtime hours aggregated across all jobs across all University units. 
    1. If the 999-hour threshold is exceeded in the calendar year, or if an employee holds or has held a Temporary with Retirement (HP) position in the calendar year, then all the positions in which the individual is employed for the remainder of the calendar year must be established as Temporary with Retirement (HP) positions. (Once the “999-hour” limit is reached, an individual cannot work any further that calendar year unless all positions in which he or she is employed are covered by the University’s retirement plans.)
  3. Effective 2014, employees in Temporary with Retirement (HP) positions are not permitted to work more than 1,508 hours during a calendar year, including all regular and overtime hours aggregated across all jobs across all University units. (Employees in a Temporary with Retirement (HP) position are eligible for retirement program coverage; including participation in the University’s base plan for such employees and the University’s two supplemental retirement plans.)
  4. Hours worked while qualifying for a student exemption to FICA, in accordance with Federal tax law, does not count toward participation in IU-sponsored retirement plans. (Generally, Temporary employees who are enrolled and regularly attending classes at IU may qualify for this FICA exemption.)
  5. Departments with a work need of more hours than specified by the above limits should consider establishing a new Staff position, and then follow normal University policy for filling that position.  (Requires review and approval of department and RC heads; with funding covered by current base budgets.)
  6. All Temporary employees are required to record hours worked in the University’s time keeping system, TIME, or another University-approved timekeeping system, using synchronous mode (clocking in and out to record actual time worked).
  7. Departments must terminate an employee from a Temporary position after the employee has not worked any hours during six consecutive bi-weekly pay periods.


Temporary Position Categories


Managers, supervisors, and employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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This policy replaces Hourly Positions of January 1, 2010.

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