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Filling Temporary Positions
Temporary 1.2

Effective: January 1, 2010
Last Updated: June 26, 2013

Responsible University Office: University Human Resource Services

Responsible University Administrator: Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: University Human Resource Services

A. Scope

This policy applies to all Temporary positions at Indiana University.

B. Policy Statement

  1. It is the policy of Indiana University that individuals shall be employed in Temporary positions when the need for the position is for less than 1,000 hours in a calendar year.
  2. Individuals are permitted to be employed in Temporary positions if the need for the position is between 999 and 1,508 hours in a calendar year if the position has been established as an Temporary with Retirement.
  3. Departments have significant flexibility in selecting individuals to fill Temporary positions provided that the selection complies with the University’s Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action policy.

C. Procedures

  1. Hiring departments are responsible for filling their Temporary positions.
    1. At the request of the hiring department, the campus human resources office will list Temporary positions. Contact the campus human resources office for the specific procedures.
    2. At the request of the hiring department, the campus office responsible for student employment will list Temporary positions designated for students (Work Study and non-Work Study). 
    3. The information needed to list the position with either human resources or student employment includes:
      1. Date of listing
      2. Title of position being posted
      3. Department/unit listing position
      4. Contact person/supervisor and how they can be reached
      5. Location/address
      6. Phone number
      7. If the vacancy is a Temporary position designated for students, indicate whether it is Work Study and/or Non-Work Study
      8. Summary of duties and required skills and qualifications
      9. Hours per week and duration of the job
      10. Total hours expected to be worked during the calendar year
      11. Set or flexible hours
      12. Rate of pay per hour
  2. The rate of pay should be based on a competitive rate for the work that will be performed.
  3. Full-time (40 hours per week) Temporary positions that normally lead to a Staff position must be advertised in the same manner as Staff positions are advertised, before a commitment to employ is made. During the advertising period the job may be filled with temporary help.
  4. Procedures for filling Temporary positions
    1. All persons who apply for employment are given equal consideration regardless of their age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.
    2. Before filling any position, the department must follow the provisions for establishing Temporary positions in the “Temporary Positions” policy and obtain any campus-required approvals.
    3. All individuals seeking employment with Indiana University must complete a university-approved application form before they can be offered any position. This requirement also applies to existing employees who are seeking another position. An approved application may be a paper or electronic form. Check with the campus human resource office for specific application instructions and procedures.
    4. The hiring department will determine the process it will use to select among its applicants. This could include interviews and consideration of such factors as 1) experience, 2) past work performance, 3) job-related educational background, 4) ability and qualifications to perform the work, 5) attendance record, 6) availability, 7) reference checks, and 8) criminal background history (if any). Length of service is not a formally recognized factor in filling Temporary positions.
  5. Procedures for employing a minor or an IU student
    1. See the Employment of Relatives, Students and Minors policy for the procedures to secure an employment certificate for a minor.
    2. See the Employment of IU Students policy for the procedures to employ an Indiana University student.
  6. Form I-9 and direct bank deposit requirements
    1. Ensure that the selected candidate completes Form I-9 and the authorization form for direct bank deposit.
      1. Form I-9 must be completed using the online procedures established by the University. This must be done in accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 to verify that the person is entitled to work in this country. An employee must be stopped from working if either Section 1 or 2 is not completed within the time limits specified for the section.
      2. The employee must complete online Section 1 of the Form I-9 on or before the first day of employment and present evidence of identity and employment eligibility within three business days of the date employment begins.
      3. The hiring department must examine the evidence of identity and employment eligibility; record online the title, number and expiration date (if any) of the documents; enter the date employment began in the Certification statement of Section 2; and electronically submit the Form I-9 within three business days of the date employment begins.
      4. Copies of documents that the online system specifically identifies are to be scanned into the online system for record keeping. All paper copies used in the verification or scanning process are to be shredded.

      5. The online Form I-9 will automatically be submitted to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify system. Follow the instructions in the university's I-9 E-Verify Procedures.

D. Definitions

  1. Temporary positions are defined as those employees not occupying a budgeted line position and are temporary, at-will employees. These positions are not eligible for such benefits as health care, life insurance, the IU tuition benefit, vacation, and other paid time off benefits.
  2. Staff positions are defined as budgeted line positions and are eligible for such benefits as health care, life insurance, the IU tuition benefit, vacation, and other paid time off benefits, depending on the FTE status of the position.

E. Sanctions

Managers, supervisors, and employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

F. Web Address for this Policy

G. Related Information

Establishing Staff Positions
Temporary Positions

H. History

This policy replaces the existing policy titled “Establishing, Advertising, and Filling Temporary Positions” last revised on February 2, 2009. The principle change is the removal of the section of the policy on Establishing an Temporary Position. That material has been revised and moved to a separate, new personnel policy titled “Temporary Positions.” 

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Temporary employment information

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