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February 2018
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It's tax time!Save the ER for Emergencies

As a reminder for IU employees enrolled in an Anthem health care plan, non-emergency services received in the Emergency Room (ER) will no longer be covered effective January 1, 2018. If an ER claim is denied because it is not considered an emergency, the member will be responsible for the charges.

ER care is intended for life and limb-threatening injuries. Never hesitate to use ER care, or dial 9-1-1, when facing a health emergency.

Sometimes an ER is the only option available, so some exceptions are included. ER coverage is always provided by Anthem for ER claims regardless of diagnosis for:

How to Choose the Right Care

Regardless of which health care plan you are enrolled in, seeking the right care at the right location can prevent long ER wait times and the higher costs of a non-emergency ER visit. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose the right care.

When It’s an Emergency:

  1. Dial 9-1-1
  2. Go to an ER

When It’s Not an Emergency:

  1. Call your doctor. This is a good place to start, as your doctor knows your history. Make an appointment or speak to an on-call provider.
  2. Call the 24-hour Nurse Line at 800-337-4770. Specially trained Registered Nurses will assess your situation and give you immediate guidance on non-emergency health questions and concerns and advise you on whether to seek care in-person.
  3. Visit a retail health clinic. Consider visiting a clinic with minor injuries such as: rash, cough, sore throat, bumps, cuts, and scrapes. Hours of operation vary. Walk-ins are typically welcome.
  4. Go to urgent care. These providers may be the right choice with back or joint pain, cough/cold or sinus pain, sprains, or strains. X-rays are frequently available, as well. Urgent care facilities often have flexible hours, including nights and weekends. Walk-ins are typically welcome.
  5. See a provider online. Health care plans offer 24/7 online appointments with providers for common health conditions—many of which can be diagnosed using an interactive app or website. It’s recommended that you sign up for the service before you need it.
    1. Anthem members, visit to learn more.
    2. IU Health members, visit to learn more.


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