Customer Service & Process Efficiency

To determine areas of focus that will drive higher levels of consistency, quality, and efficiency, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of HR services and consolidate operational activities not currently utilizing our shared services model to bring higher levels of quality and efficiency to HR processes. We will evaluate our employee communication mechanisms to identify changes that help employees learn about and understand benefits, compliance, policy, or other information related to their work experience.


HR Operations Customer Care Center (Complete)

Design and implement an HR Operations center including call center, ticket system, knowledge base and HR portal with self-service tools.


October 2017

  • askHR rollout: One-stop shop support for employee customer service university-wide. The goal is to provide consistent and standardized responses to all employees, as well as improve efficiency.

June 2017

  • HR Customer Care Center outfitted with a new ACD/CIC phone system and ticketing system. The goal of this effort is to continue to identify and consolidate ongoing operations into a shared services model that best supports HR and its clients. Shared services allows for standardized operations and processes, and a focus of continuous improvement of services.

April 2017

  • HR Operations Customer Care Center: The goal of this effort is to continue to identify and consolidate ongoing operations into a shared services model that best supports HR and its customers. Shared services allows for standardized operations and processes, and a focus of continuous improvement of services. Within HR, we have aligned work so that Centers of Expertise can focus on programs, while HR Operations takes on work requiring repeatable and efficient operational processes, or where we can effectively apply technology.

Compensation Philosophy Design and Structure Redesign (In Progress)

Define and design the compensation philosophy, structures, and administrative policies across IU.


May 2018

  • Job Framework Redesign Project Listening Sessions held across IU campuses to to explain more about the project, share an example of how the new framework is constructed, and show you how it benefits staff at IU. Additional sessions will be held this fall at additional campuses and locations.
  • Total Rewards Committee sent out a survey to peer universities to determine when and how they communicate Total Rewards to their employees. Majority findings will help us to define our Total Rewards model, determine what works, and benchmark our progress.

April 2018

  • Job Framework Redesign Project Phase 2: Develop Career Framework & Compensation Structure. Complete role descriptors, define total rewards philosophy, develop communication vehicles, and develop change management strategy.

November 2017

  • Total Rewards Committee began their work in defining a new Total Rewards Strategy that:
    • Robustly describes our employee value proposition and better tells our story
    • Provides the umbrella for all of the elements we offer employees as part of working at IU
    • Helps us better recruit and retain employees in low unemployment and tight labor market

May 2017

Job Framework Redesign Project Phase 1: Design & Feedback. With university-wide input, this project will retire current classification structures and create a job framework that is clear, consistent, and transparent. A modern framework—that accurately reflects our workforce—featuring easily navigated career paths will empower staff to self-direct their careers while strengthening IU’s ability to retain, attract, and inspire talent. This approach supports current and prospective staff employees, who help make it possible for IU to fulfill the promise of being a world leader in education.

Recruitment Redesign (In Progress)

Review/redesign the recruitment policies and processes, from posting and budgeting approval all the way through offer acceptance and onboarding.


May 2017

  • Talent Acquisition Rapid Redesign: This intensive two-and-a-half day workshop held in May 2017 was based on the “Work-out” model by Jack Welch at GE. 21 Action Plans were created to streamline posting approval and hiring processes, develop a “talent pipeline,” create a consistent offer letter template, standardize candidate communication and candidate experience, and more.

New Employee Orientation Process Redesign (In Progress)

Creation of a university-wide orientation process for all employees.


December 2016

  • New Employee Orientation – Phase 1: We re-introduced New Employee Orientation on the Bloomington campus because we heard and understood the need for an in-person orientation session. We also created a new website with information on the orientation sessions and links to the orientation materials. Next we will begin to explore how to standardize a New Employee Orientation program across all campuses.

Leadership Development & Manager/Supervisor Development (Future Project)

Create a comprehensive Manager/Supervisor training program for all levels of proficiency that can be used across all of IU.

New Performance Management System (Future Project)

Create a new performance management system with a clear philosophy and guidelines for administration.

Learning Management System (Future Project)

Select and implement a LMS for all IU training.

University-wide Functional Career Paths (Future Project)

Define and implement functional career paths across the university.

Mentoring Program (Future Project)

Develop and implement an HR Mentoring Program.

Succession Planning (Future Project)

Develop a succession planning process with guidelines to be used across all IU campuses.