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HRA Account: Get Started

Watch for the ERIP HRA Debit/Visa Card

An ERIP HRA Debit/Visa card will automatically be sent after participation in the HRA plan begins.  It will be in a plain envelope and will not be identified as a Nyhart or Indiana University mailing.  Participants will need to watch the mail carefully for the card.

Included in this mailing will be a Direct Deposit Authorization form.  This form will need to be completed in order for claim reimbursements to be processed.  Please complete this form and submit it to Nyhart by:

  1. Fax: (888) 887-9961, or
  2. Mail:

    Attn: Flex Claim Reimbursement / Lindsay Douglas
    8415 Allison Pointe Boulevard, Suite 300
    Indianapolis, IN 46250-4201

Questions & Answers

The Questions & Answers section of this Web site contains a section for the HRA Account. If the question is not answered there, use the "Ask a question" button at the top of this page or email or .

Log into Online Account

Take a minute to log into the Nyhart web site (HRA Plan Administrator). It's easy and it provides instant access to detailed information in the account. No telephone calls, no waiting, no records to sort through.

Visit and do this:

Employee ID: <enter 10-digit employee ID>
Password:  <enter the last four digits of Social Security Number>
Tip:  There is an opportunity to change to a more personal password after this first time.

Contact Nyhart customer service at 800-284-8412 for help logging on.

Start Using HRA funds

HRA participants have two options for accessing funds:

* A completed Direct Deposit Authorization Form will need to be submitted to Nyhart in order for reimbursement to be issued through electronic funds transfer.