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New Employee Orientation

Welcome to Indiana University! You have accepted a position at one of the world’s foremost public institutions – and the epitome of the modern university. Indiana University’s new employee orientation program, open to all new benefit-eligible Staff employees, introduces you to the design and culture of the University and outlines the comprehensive set of programs and benefits that you are eligible for.

Who is Invited

  • New Staff hired into a benefit-eligible* position.
  • Existing Staff who transfer into a benefit-eligible* position from a position that was previously not benefit-eligible.

For faculty, please see the New Faculty Welcome page for more ways to connect.

* Benefit-eligible means persons employed by Indiana University as full-time (75% FTE or greater) appointed Staff employees.

System Access

As a new employee you may have unique system access requirements and your manager will guide you through the access process for those systems. The following links may be helpful in getting off to a quick start in setting up your personal system access and navigating useful information in ONE.IU

What You'll Learn

In addition to this program, you may receive additional information or emails from your department or other IU entities about further orientation and trainings, benefit enrollments, payroll information, and health and safety.

Orientation Sessions

All sessions are 8:30am – 3:15pm ET
Break for lunch (not provided): 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Date Location Date Location
July 10 University Library,
Rm. 1126
October 9 Campus Center,
Rm. 305
July 24 University Library,
Rm. 1126
October 16 Campus Center,
Rm. 305
August 14 University Library,
Rm. 1126
November 13 Campus Center,
Rm. 305
August 28 Campus Center,
Rm. 305
Novermber 20 Campus Center,
Rm. 305
September 11 Campus Center,
Rm. 305
December 11 Campus Center,
Rm. 307
September 18 Campus Center,
Rm. 305
December 18 Campus Center,
Rm. 305


Campus Center
420 University Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46202
View on map

University Library
755 W Michigan St
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5195
View on map


Campus Center

Pay parking for guests is available in the Vermont St. garage connected to the Campus Center. There are also metered lots and on-street parking nearby. For more information and parking rates, visit IUPUI Parking Services.

University Library

Metered parking, attended lots, and parking garages are marked in yellow on the Campus Map

Parking for persons with physical disabilities is available near every building and is marked clearly in each lot and garage. Parking garages closest to University Library are the North Street Garage (next to Hine Towers), Sport Complex Garage (visitors 1st floor; next to the IU Natatorium), and the Blackford Street Garage (requires IUPUI permit).

How to Prepare

  1. Please notify your manager of your plans. You are highly encouraged to attend this session.
  2. Please feel free to bring information such as birth certificates or marriage certificate if you plan to enroll dependents in benefits. Enrollment help will be available after the session.
  3. You may wish to review IU's benefit and policy information        

Contact Us

Human Resources
980 Indiana Avenue, Suite 1156
Indianapolis, IN 46202 
Phone: 812-856-1234

Additional Training

There are additional training all employees should complete upon joining the IUPUI community:

All new supervisors should complete the Legal Compliance series within their first year of employment. The Legal Compliance Series consists of four modules:

  1. The Office of Equal Opportunity
  2. Fair Labor Standards Act
  3. Workers’ Compensation and Family Medical Leave Act
  4. Preventing Sexual Harassment and Title IX