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Notice of Medical Privacy Practices
New employee benefits enrollment
Newsletter, HR Today—News You Can Use


Office Procedure Manual (tutorial)
Organizational development

Orientation, departmental
Overtime policy


Paid time off policies (see the Time Off section)
Pay adjustments for Support Staff, Bloomington
Pay guidelines and schedules
Performance Improvement Plan (step in Corrective Action)
Performance Management, A Guide for Supervisors
Performance Management Program policy
Personal Accident Insurance
Personal data form (PDF)
Personnel files, accessing
Plan booklets (for Benefit plans)
Police Service Staff Policy manual
Policy manuals
Political Activity policy
Position Classification
PostDoc Fellows Healthcare Program
Pre-tax Commuting Expense Plan
Prescription Benefit Manager
Privacy, Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF)
Problem-Grievance Procedure
Professional Students, Health Insurance
Public Employees' Retirement Fund (PERF)