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IU Benefits Video

Check. This. Out.

We have a fresh, new look and we're now friendly with portable devices as in smart phones and tablets. Woohoo! And while we were at it, we (drum roll, please)... programmed the video in HTML 5. No more at-risk viewing with Flash. You're welcome!

If you're the methodical type, first check the list of supported devices to better ensure a positive viewing experience. If you want to jump right in, select your employee group now. Should the video crash or otherwise not play well, we have some lovely if-then statements for you to follow in the Troubleshooting section below.

CC logo Closed captioning is available on the video screen.


Sample screen shots:

screen shots
screen shots

Browsers and devices we like:

iOS 8+
Android 3+
Chrome (Auto Updates)
Internet Explorer 9+
Kindle Fire 2+
BlackBerry (Phones) 7+
Safari 5, 6+

Browsers that don't play nice:

iOS 7
IE 6,7,8