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Salary: $250,000 and above
Medical plan coverege level: Employee + spouse

Calculate the deduction from your paycheck

Health Plan options
Monthly Employee Contribution
IU Health HDHP
PPO $900 Deductible
PPO $500 Deductible
Subtract $25 per month for an employee or spouse ($50 for both) who do not use tobacco.
Dental PPO
   Employee only
   Employee + child(ren)
   Employee + spouse
$  9.84
Medical plan
Tobacco-free affidavit has been/will be completed by
PPO Dental
How often is employee paid

Estimated deduction (per pay period)


This tool is for illustrative purposes only. It is NOT an enrollment worksheet, and no entries will be saved. The medical premium will be based on the actual medical plan selection, coverage category, salary level, and tobacco-affidavit.