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February 2012

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Travel Assistance


Travel assistance programs provide services before and during travel and for certain emergency transportation services when arranged in advance by the program. Benefits are generally paid when traveling more than 100 miles from home. Travel assistance is different than trip insurance which pays certain costs incurred because a trip was cancelled.

Two types of benefits are provided:

MEDEX Travel Assistance

All full-time Academic and Staff employees have MEDEX Travel Assistance as part of their Basic Life Insurance paid for by IU. MEDEX covers the employee, spouse, and dependent children.

Cigna Secure Travel through PAI

Employees enrolled in Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) also have Cigna Secure Travel. The Cigna program only covers spouses and dependents if family coverage level is elected.

Both MEDEX and Cigna

Both MEDEX and Cigna programs provide similar benefits.

Specific benefit information is available on the University Human Resources web pages, by email , or by calling University Human Resource Services at 812-855-2172.



Long Term Disability Premiums

The Standard has informed Indiana University that Long Term Disability (LTD) premiums will increase effective March 1, 2012. This increase is a result of claims exceeding premiums paid over the past couple of years.

The LTD plan provides an opportunity for full-time employees to protect their income in the event of a disabling illness or accident, including a unique option to also protect retirement benefits. The cost for this disability insurance varies with the enrollee's age, salary, and selected option:

The average premium is currently less than $22 per month. The premium increase will result in an average of about $27 per month. Based on claim experience, Options A and B will increase 10 percent and the increase in Options C and D will be 23.5 percent.

Plan and premium rate details, along with a premium calculator, can be found at

The Benefits Change Connection,, can be used to drop or add coverage or to increase benefits, for example, select an option with the shorter waiting period or add the retirement contribution protection. Adding or increasing benefits requires a medical history statement. These changes can be made throughout the year.



2012 Open Enrollment Results

Medical Plans
Number of employees
IU HDHP PPO & Health Savings Account
IU Health Quality Partners Exclusive Provider
PPO $900 Deductible
PPO $400 Deductible 
Dental Plan
PPO Dental Plan
Tax Saver Benefit Plan
Health Care Reimbursement Account
Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
Medical Residents
Medical 1,071
Dental 1,029
* Total eligible population equals 17,280 full-time employees.





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