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July 2010

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Health Engagement Program continued

Phase 1 “Know Your Numbers”
January 2011

Health Engagement Activities

The goal in Phase 1 is for employees and covered spouses to assess their personal health status (know their numbers) and identify whether they need to take steps to improve their health before Phase 2 begins. The actions in Phase 1 are to:

It is anticipated that biometric screenings will be available on or near campus locations. Biometric screenings and the online PHA will be paid for by the University. Individuals may use their personal physician for biometric screenings, subject to any plan deductible and/or copay.

Additional Premium for Phase 1

The additional premium for Phase 1 will vary by the employee’s annual base salary, with increasing amounts for higher salary levels, as shown in the table below. Since this premium is more for higher salary bands, the financial consequence of not completing Health Engagement activities is also higher.

Employee’s Monthly Additional Phase 1 Premium
Employee’s Annual Base Salary
Employee Coverage
Spouse/Domestic Partner Coverage
Less than $30,000
$30,000 to $59,999
$60,000 to $119,999
$120,000 or more


Full or Partial Reduction

When an employee and a covered spouse complete all the Health Engagement activities, the employee will receive a reduction up to 100 percent of the additional Phase 1 premium. The reduction amount depends on which activities are completed, as indicated in the following table.

Biometric Assessment
Personal Health Assessment
Non-use of Tobacco
Premium reduction for completing activity



An employee with an annual base salary of $29,000 enrolls in Employee Only coverage. The employee’s monthly base premium is $10 and the additional Phase 1 Premium is $20 for a total of $30 per month. By participating in all three Health Engagement activities (biometric assessment, online PHA, and non-tobacco use), the employee receives the full $20 reduction; eliminates the additional Phase 1 premium; and pays only the $10 base premium. If the employee completes the biometric and personal health assessment but does not meet the non-tobacco use requirement, the employee receives a partial reduction of the additional Phase 1 premium in the amount of $10 (50 percent of $20). The total monthly premium is $20 ($10 base premium plus $10 Phase 1 premium).

Phase 2 “Work Your Numbers”
January 2012

Health Engagement Activities

The goal in Phase 2 is for the employee and covered spouse to meet targets in the four areas measured by the biometric screening. The actions in this phase are to:

Additional Premium for Phase 2

The Phase 2 premium will be in addition to the Phase 1 premium and the base premium amounts. The Phase 2 premium:

Full or Partial Reduction

When an employee and a covered spouse meet some or all of Phase 2 Health Engagement biometric targets, the employee will receive a reduction up to 100 percent of Phase 2 premiums. The reduction amount depends on which biometric targets are met (equal to or less than).

Blood Pressure
LDL Cholesterol
Blood Glucose
2012 Incentive Targets
Systolic – 140
Diastolic – 90
110 mg/dL
Premium reduction for
meeting target

It is important to note that the above incentive targets are liberal thresholds for respective measures and physicians may recommend lower medical targets based on an individual’s medical status. For example, normal “healthy values” are equal to or less than the following:

Individuals who don’t meet targets initially will have periodic opportunities during the year to show progress. For example, those who complete the Mind & Body program or document progress towards meeting incentive targets (i.e., losing 10 percent of body weight) can begin receiving premium reductions.

Phase 3 January 2013

Phase 3 will focus on adherence to physician treatment plans and prescription drug regimens. This phase will be developed in the next twelve to eighteen months.

Note: The above additional premium amounts for Phase 1 and Phase 2 apply separately to each employee and covered spouse/domestic partner.

Support Elements

The University will continue to offer the Quit For Life program for tobacco cessation. A new program, Mind & Body, will offer confidential coaching and support to help maintain a healthy weight and to improve one’s biometric status in order to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. These programs are fully paid for by the University and are are available to employees who are enrolled in an IU-sponsored medical plan and any covered spouse/domestic partner.


Information from biometric screenings and PHAs will be collected by a third-party such as Clarian Healthy Results. Personal information will not be provided to managers and supervisors nor will such information be used for any employment decisions.

The Health Engagement Program Web site will be updated as information becomes available.

Mind & Body® Program

Mind & Body is a comprehensive coaching program designed to:

  • Reduce weight and waist size permanently
  • Address other modifiable cardio-metabolic risk factors that lead to:
    • diabetes
    • heart disease
    • premature death

The program is one year in duration and coaches participants in healthy living. Expert guidance is provided through:

  • Phone and online interactions with Mind & Body Coaches
  • Nutritionists and exercise physiologists who are highly trained in motivating behavioral change, exercise and healthy eating

The entire program takes place online and over the phone with opportunities to participate in calls and emails with Coaches. Learn more or enroll now at




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