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Enhancement to IU Fee Courtesy Plan
Indiana University High School (IUHS) Tuition Waiver

IUHS is a virtual high school that provides individual courses as well as a high school diploma through distance learning offered by the IU School of Continuing Studies. IUHS is accredited through the North Central Association and accepted for college admission by Indiana University and Big Ten schools, as well as many other universities.

Examples of who can use IUHS include adults who want an alternative to a GED education; parents who home school their children; and faculty or staff who wish their children to complete a domestic high school degree while overseas. In addition, IUHS can be used as a supplement to regular high school programs.

The IU Fee Courtesy plan now provides a 25 percent waiver of course tuition for eligible employees and their dependents who enroll in courses offered through IUHS.
Enrollment must be completed before registration for IUHS classes in order to receive the waiver.

Visit the IU Fee Courtesy Plan Web page for eligibility criteria and for specific IUHS tuition waiver forms, along with information about other IU Fee Courtesy plan benefits.


ZachZachary Meunier
IUHS’s flexible schedule allowed Zach to clock more than 225 hours as a volunteer for Indiana Congressman Baron Hill in 2006. “I was able to intern with Congressman Baron Hill’s campaign last fall. If I had been in a traditional school, it would have been near impossible.”

KathrynKathryn Morgan
Kathryn is earning her high school diploma while studying ballet during the day and performing at night. “I love the flexibility. I need something that lets me work on my time.” Morgan recently danced as Juliet in the ballet production of Romeo and Juliet, and received great reviews in the New York Times.



IU Fee Courtesy Plan Opportunities

Indiana University offers several learning opportunities for employees and their dependents. Full-time Academic and Staff employees, their spouses, and dependent children may receive a tuition subsidy when enrolled in classes at Indiana University. This IU Fee Courtesy Plan is an opportunity to enhance one’s career skills; pursue a personal interest in an academic subject; or to obtain a degree.

From Fall 2006 through Spring 2008, 4,300 employees utilized fee courtesy for themselves or a dependent. This is 25 percent of the approximately 17,000 benefit-eligible employees. A breakdown of the categories of individuals who used fee courtesy appears below.

IU Fee Courtesy Plan
     • 50 percent used the benefit for themselves
     • 37 percent used it for a dependent child
     • 13 percent used it for a spouse or domestic partner

Benefit Amount

The value of the IU Fee Courtesy benefit varies:

  • Dependent child: 50 percent of Indiana resident undergraduate rate, up to the first bachelor’s degree or a maximum of 140 credit hours, whichever comes first

  • Employees, Retirees, Spouses and registered Domestic Partners: benefit is a subsidy of covered tuition up to a dollar maximum* per semester based on the Indiana resident tuition rate, as appropriate to the employee’s degree program

    * The dollar maximum varies based on tuition rates at each campus. Dollar limits for the 2008/2009 academic year can be found at the fee courtesy Web site. Covered tuition does not include special fees such as those for laboratories, applied music, student teaching, dissertation research fees, facility fees, etc.


IU Fee Courtesy plan enrollment forms must be submitted each academic year. Employees have the option of submitting an online form or completing a paper form. Using the online form, the employee receives instant confirmation that the form was received and instant feedback in the case of incomplete information or eligibility issues. Both types of forms for the 2008-2009 academic year are available at the University Human Resource Services Web site.

Note: Enrollment in IUHS classes requires a separate tuition waiver form. See above article.



Total Compensation Statements

Many factors contribute to the compensation package employees receive at Indiana University. IU’s compensation package includes various benefits in addition to base salary. In August 2008, full-time Academic and Staff employees will receive Total Compensation Statements highlighting the estimated annualized value of the base salary and benefits associated with their employment at IU in fiscal year 2008/2009.

Specifically, the statement will include the following applicable IU-provided compensation:

  • Base salary
  • Social Security
  • IU Retirement Plan or PERF retirement
  • Medicare
  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Fee Courtesy (subsidized IU tuition)
  • Holidays
  • Time off
  • Tobacco-free wellness HRA

Voluntary benefits such as supplemental life, tax saver benefit, and tax deferred supplemental retirement plans will also be displayed.

Estimates of these values will be based on data residing in the HRMS system as of July 1, 2008. Allowances should be made for changes that have occurred near and after that date. Statements will be mailed to the employee’s home address.



web wise IU Medical and Dental Plan Booklets

Employees can obtain electronic copies of the 2008 medical and dental plan booklets by visiting To request hard copies of these booklets, please contact the UHRS publications coordinator at (812) 855-2985. Information about medical and dental plans can be requested at any time.

image of plan booklets web page


Page updated: 9 June 2008