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Hourly vs. Appointed Positions

As units prepare their budgets for the fiscal year starting on July 1, 2007, departments should review Hourly employment projections to determine if any Hourly employees have worked or will work 1,930 hours or more in this current fiscal year. If such work is to continue into FY 2007/2008, departments should establish an appointed position for the work being performed.

In September 1998, the Board of Trustees adopted a resolution that requires units to establish an appointed position (a budgeted-line position) when there is a need for the position to provide services on a full-time basis. The appointed position would then have the rights and privileges of other similar appointed positions.

For purposes of this resolution, the Board defined position as the assignments or services performed within the same Responsibility Center by a specific employee, and it defined full-time as 1,930 hours or more worked in a fiscal year within the same Responsibility Center.

The Trustees of Indiana University intend that all employees who are performing full-time work be treated in a consistent manner with the personnel policies and benefits provided to other individuals performing similar responsibilities.

Units should follow procedures for establishing a position and completing the position classification process. The Hourly employee who has been performing the work may be a candidate for the appointed position. Contact a campus HR office with any questions.


Last updated: 15 February 2007
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