Fellowship Recipients
2019 COBRA Monthly Premium Rates

Monthly Premiums
Coverage Level
Anthem Dental
Fellowship Recipient
Fellowship Recipient's spouse
Fellowship Recipient's child(ren)
Fellowship Recipient's spouse and child(ren)
Fellowship Recipient and spouse
Fellowship Recipient and child(ren)

2019 medical and dental plans are separate. Different coverage levels may be selected for each plan.

Important COBRA Election Information

  • Fellowship Recipient coverage is terminated based upon your fellowship award:
    • On 12/31 if only eligible for the Fall.
    • On 7/31 if only eligible for the Spring, or if eligible for the entire academic year.
  • Fellowship Recipients will be offered COBRA when their eligibility status for the insurance has ended. If the Fellowship Recipient status does not continue for the next semester, COBRA will be offered for up to 18 months.
  • Fellowship Recipients that no longer have an award will be notified of COBRA options by email. Typically, the notification will occur annually in September (for coverage ending 7/31) and February (for coverage ending 12/31).
  • COBRA coverage is retroactive to the insurance termination date and there will be no gap in coverage as long as all premiums are paid for the entire COBRA period.