Graduate Appointee (GA)
2019 COBRA Monthly Premium Rates

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2019 medical and dental plans are separate. Different coverage levels may be selected for each plan.

Important COBRA Election Information

  • Graduate Appointee coverage is terminated based upon your appointment end date:
    • Typically Fall only appointments are termed 12/31.
    • Typically Spring only appointments are termed 7/31.
    • Those with 10-month or 12-month full year academic appointments are typically termed 7/31.
    • Some graduate appointments can be termed mid-semester by the department, and coverage ends on the termination date entered by the department.
  • Graduate Appointees will be offered COBRA when their eligibility status for the insurance has ended. COBRA will be offered for up to 18 months after the graduate appointment termination.
  • Graduate Appointees will be notified of COBRA options by email. Typically, the notification will occur annually in September (for coverage ending 7/31) and February (for coverage ending 12/31). Those with mid-semester terminations will receive a letter by US mail.
  • COBRA coverage is retroactive to the insurance termination date and there will be no gap in coverage as long as all premiums are paid for the entire COBRA period.