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Clinical Care Services

Welcome to IU's Clinical Care Services

Clinical Care Services is a voluntary program for the following groups as long as they are covered by an IU-sponsored medical plan: IU employees, Medical Residents, eligible Graduate Appointees and Fellowship Recipients, IU Retirees under age 65, and dependents.

This program includes:

What this is

Primary care providers:

  • Same-day scheduling
  • Walk-in care
  • After-hours care
  • Saturday and Sunday hours
  • Convenient locations

Care management:

  • Additional services
  • Collaboration with providers and patients
  • Consultation and assistance for patients with chronic and/or complex conditions

What this is not

  • New medical plan
  • Free health care
  • One central location
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Requirement to change physician

Primary care services—routine and urgent—are processed through the member's medical plan with applicable deductibles and copays. Care management services and access to the PHR are paid for by IU.

As Clinical Care Services expands to locations across the state, and as additional providers and services are added, this Web site will be updated.