Family Status Change. A Family Status Change event is a significant family or employment change, such as, marriage, divorce, death of a dependent, birth of a child, spouse's termination or commencement of employment, and termination or commencement of leave without pay. Such events are defined by the IRS.

Begin or Change a Tax Saver Benefit (TSB) Account

A qualified Life Events change will allow you to make changes to a plan outside of Open Enrollment. Any changes must be made within 30 days from the date of the change in status.

To make changes to any of the plans listed immediately below, you will need to one request a Life Events change through the Employee Center and two complete online enrollment of your changes once your request is approved by HR. You must make the change within 30 days Review the Tax Saver Benefit plan booklet (PDF) and decide what changes you will make to your plan.

  • Consult Nyhart or a tax advisor if you have questions about the tax consequences of a change.
  • If participation is being lowered or stopped, no refunds are able to be issued for deductions already taken.
  • New participants are required to complete a Direct Deposit Authorization/Termination form (PDF).
  • For the TSB – Healthcare Reimbursement Account, participants may also choose to receive the VISA/debit card option for purchases and can track their account balances online. For details, visit the TSB Web page.